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abr0w V Chlokoh

I always thought my neck looked a little Mexican

I always thought my neck looked a little Mexican

Found in my notes from 3 different classes: "she was put on a pedestal but don't forget: a pedestal is an uncomfortable place to be"

When we gon realize that every day is Earth Day.

Happy birthday to the father of angst and emo: Shakespeare

imagine waking up to the SAME person every morning and just seeing them everywhere omg I can never get married ya'll are nuts

Being alive is exhausting and I'm not happy about it

It's the beginning of Taurus season girls expect me to be at my most petty and most powerful

idk if yall know this but u can give money to a homeless person and ask a special needs student to prom without posting a video

Someone kill me I promise you I won't get mad if you do

Idk man but you probably should have been nice to people before a tv show told you to

@ my skin, why the fuck u wanna act up rn? I thought we were coo

My mom's bf has interrupted me 6 times in 20 mins I'm about to throw punches #happyeaster

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